Features that make your team more productive

A deeper analysis of data

Reports and data points are provided by our software to assist in managing your mobile workforce, which includes vehicle safety checks.

You have capacity to download reports in different formats, such as PDF,CSV, TXT, and Excel.

Requesting bespoke reporting is also an option if necessary.

Increased stock availability & accuracy

Our stocktaking tools can help you achieve high accuracy percentages and improve stock projections in real-time.

Keep track of serial numbers & records associated with your products. Van Stock Pro uses both barcodes & QR codes.

Minimise trips taken by vehicles that are not needed

Our stock management tools and vehicle stock projection tools can help you reduce the miles your field team travels.

Make sure your team stays focused on the job and away from the merchants.

Increased first time fix rates

Impress your customers with high first-time fix rates.

Van Stock Pro gives you the tools to make sure your team on the ground has the knowledge and stock to fix repairs quickly and in full.

Intelligent features that enhance the productivity of your team

Your team can track and monitor costs alongside supplier performance, send purchase orders and return requests from the system.

Establish and maintain a database of the products and services that you utilise.

Track the life cycle of products within the business and monitor waste at the same time.

A platform that has everything your team needs

Our inventory software allows you to connect with your workforce in real-time and simultaneously manage stock usage.

Van Stock Pro provides a cloud based booking system that coordinates repairs and maintenance requests from your customers.

Our CRM system is helpful in maintaining customer contact details, keeping tabs on all customer interactions, and managing customer accounts.

A mobile application that offers both speed and efficiency.

To improve vehicle stock management, mobile apps are available for both field-based and warehouse workforces.

Give your employees quick access to product safety data sheets and installation instructions when they’re on the move. Users can quickly perform vehicle safety checks on a daily basis.

App users have the ability to view upcoming duties and vehicle schedules. App Users have the ability to plan and manage daily workflows with ease.

If an user doesn’t have an item in stock, they are able to search other users vehicles making the best use of the stock in the area as well as providing more stock availability for users working out of hours.

Easily find your customers & work locations by using either Google Maps or Apple Maps.

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Ensure that inventory levels and purchases are managed.

The Van Stock Pro inventory software is equipped with a variety of features that make it easy to manage your warehouse and vehicle stock levels.

Van Stock Pro calculates and shares stock among vehicles, enabling more jobs to be completed and preventing overstocking a single vehicle.

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Ensure supplier costs are managed with confidence.

The Van Stock Pro inventory software is unique in its reporting capabilities, enabling detailed supplier reports that cover costs, delivery status, and service level statistics.

With Van Stock Pro, you can negotiate pricing with confidence.

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Control the experience of your clients.

The Van Stock Pro software offers a strong suite for recording and managing your customer databases.

Our powerful booking platform makes it easy to book jobs and keeps your customer fully informed throughout the process.

Simple monthly pricing plans

Users can be added and removed at any time.

Vehicle App User

1 team member

  • Manage customer job bookings.
  • Integrated satellite navigation.
  • Order parts and manage vehicle stock levels.
  • See employee Schedules & allocated breaks.
  • An internal messaging system is used to receive updates and information while on the move.
  • Perform and record daily vehicle safety checks.
  • The fast product search function allows users to see product availability instantly.
  • Perform vehicle stock checks & audits anywhere any time.

Customer CRM


Warehouse Stock System


Booking System

  • Customer CRM that encompasses the creation and management of customer bookings.
  • Keep track of all interactions with your customer base
  • Add multiple warehouses, customers, vehicles, and supplier records.
  • Real-time monitoring of vehicles allows you to receive alerts showing unused calendar space, allowing you to maximise efficiency.
  • Real-time tracking of warehouse picking and replenishment.

Warehouse App

1 team member

  • Picks are generated by the app based on the quickest route.
  • Use a handheld device to pick, book, and dispatch items.
  • Conduct warehouse stock checks using a handheld device.
  • The app uses full barcode integration to speed up processing and reduce errors.
  • A fast & detailed search function allows the user to see product availability instantly.

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